A Path


  • Educate the children using ‘Play Way’ method.

  • Bridge the education gap with a bridge school

  • To utilize tools such as computer-aided learning, video and audio lessons

  • Girl-child education geared towards special needs such as health, hygiene and vocational opportunities


  • Creation of a livelihood knowledge centre.

  • Providing materials on various local vocational opportunities

  • Creating training opportunities & marketing linkages for livelihood development

  • Providing +10 counselling for educational and/or occupational development

Community Development

  • Keep the children away from begging with a goal of 100% attendance

  • Create awareness through the children via a the school’s curriculum

  • Nutritional awareness training for mothers

  • Providing a noon-meal scheme in the school for the children

  • Cultural programs that create learning and awareness of the communities heritage

  • Educating the adults on their rights as humans.